University of Brighton will together with University of Strathclyde host the 6th International Conference on Remanufacturing (ICoR), 14-16 June 2022, in Amsterdam in conjunction with ReMaTec 2022

ICoR2022 follows previous successful ICoR conferences held in Glasgow (2011), Amsterdam (2015, 2019), Linköping (2017) and online (2021). This conference targets international participants from academia and industry to meet and learn more about the latest research and industrial trends within remanufacturing.


ICoR moves to even years:
In line with ReMaTec's move to every even year ICoR has also moved to even years to continue our great collaboration brining industry and academia together on a Global basis. There will therefore be an ICoR conference next year, 2022, and then 2024 and every even year from then on.



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